Friday, August 29, 2008

Isn't She Beautiful?

I was greeted this morning by an email from Kriek Gerber, our dear missionary friend who is based in Swaziland, Africa. She shared the following:


I saw Love yesterday; she was eating (of course!). She looks good, but I couldn’t get her to smile. I also saw her grandmother the day before. She is living with them, but she is weak. We are going to start her on Juice Plus and we hope that it will help. Please pray for them.

Attached is a picture of her!

Hope you are well!” Carike (Kriek) Gerber

Please take a minute or two to post a prayer for Love’s Go-Go. She is HIV positive and not doing well. There are four children under 5 years old at this homestead. We will do our best to get your prayers printed and translated to her. Imagine the healing in us covering this woman with compassionate prayer!

If you ever feel that what you do for the poor, widow, orphan or ‘least of these,’ is insignificant – think again! Look at the picture of Love just three months ago and the photo of her yesterday. Kriek and Jumbo Gerber, Dennis Brock and the entire D-TEAM are Jesus in the flesh. God bless AIM, Children’s HopeChest, Matthew 25 and the people of Swaziland! Thank you, Father!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Friend of a Friend

God is good. A new friend named Erin Wilson from Niagra, Ontario visited our blog and left a comment. While reading over her very insightful blogs, I came across a post that really got my attention: Eight Dollar Hot Dog. Take a look. You will be convicted…and blessed.

What in the world are we thinking? We are so wasteful. God, help us. It has to start with a decision that we are fed up with being so petty and putting such a huge priority on ‘stuff.’ Thank you, Erin.