Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Lord Really Does Love You

Know something? The Lord loves you. Deuteronomy 7:8.

God loves you simply because He chooses to. Get this - it is not based on who or what you are. His love for you is because of who He is. He loves you when you don't feel loveable. He loves you when no one else seems to. Others will abandon you, divorce you, hurt you - but God loves you. Always has. Always will. That is who He is.

This is His promise: "I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself." Jeremiah 31:3.

What this means is that He has an endless love for us that we can draw from anytime. He is waiting. Allow Him to love you.

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Tracy said...

This is a very passionate blog. Im not really big on the bible because more often then not all things that are written are taken out of context.