Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Preach then pray? Or pray then preach?

I really enjoy the Blue Letter Bible. It really helps me better understand the bible and how to apply the Word in my life. Great resource. Check it out.

One of the stories in the Bible that I never really got is told in the latter verses of Acts 1. This is the story of the disciples, after they witnessed Jesus ascend up into the sky, coming back to Jerusalem to the Upper Room.

They went back to Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives....They all continued praying together. Acts 1:12, 14. For ten days the disciples prayed. Ten days of prayer, along with a few minutes of preaching, led to 3,000 new believers! Are we doing the opposite? Are we preaching, or talking, more than praying. We both know the answer. How disciplined the disciples were! They remained in His presence. And they prayed.

What would happen today if we remained in prayer? What if we seriously prayed about everything? I believe we would have a similar impact as the 120 disciples gathered in the Upper Room for those ten days. I encourage you to join me in spending more time in prayer with our Father. Let's linger in His presence.

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